I’m a ML/DL enthusiast who has stepped into this field about 3 years ago and besides being lazy i am still learning day in day out, even while i sleep(no joke..I’m serious..I mean my models do..teehee).

My blogs/writings are a way to describe my thought process while i learn something new, especially in the field of AI.

I am currently learning quite a bit about Computer Vision and also on the implementation of AI in the healthcare system, which might lead to posts regarding the new technologies that is being used in medical science to mitigate with challenges through the help of AI.

My target as of now is to keep myself healthy and to continue to contribute as much as i can towards the open source community out there and gain from them as well.

I have been working in one of the MNC’s(Infosys) in India under the Contract with Pfizer Inc. for over a year now.

As of something that keeps me pushing forward is always the will to learn. My ikigai.

I also post my blogs on medium: Pinaki’s Road to Failure..

Oh make sure to check out my projects. I have made some and also on the process of creating more.